Hi, I'm Sara.

I'm Italian but have lived in London (UK) since 2003.

So what do I tell you about me? I’m a lot of things - bear with me...

A mum to 3 boys (The Big Guy, The Middle Guy and The Little Guy)

A wife to The Husband (well, duh)

But I’m also…

A Business Analyst (bonus prize if you know what that means... I know that is pretty much the equivalent of asking what Chandler Bing did as a job)

A grammar and language geek (yes, that’s a legitimate phrase, and I'm sure in time you'll find out what I mean by it)

An antenatal educator teaching classes in my local area through the fantastic BabyNatal programmes, including First Aid for babies

Someone who's *definitely* trying to do too much in life

And now... a blogger and 'ghostblogger', so if you like my style and need anything writing, just get in touch! ;-)

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The dreaded school run. If you’re a parent doing in day in and day out, you know just how madly stressful it can be. And often time, a run it is. But never in a good way. We’re in December – it’s freezing cold here in the UK, and getting…

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Changing career and starting your own business in your 30’s is possible. And it’s great! But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. What was it like for you?

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