Are you ready to work on your mindset?

If like me you have made the decision to create better habits for yourself this year, in whichever area of your life, you’ll know that a lot of consistency and hard work are required. If we don’t put that in, our goals remain just a bunch of items on a wish list.

So this year I was really serious about my resolutions – self-care has to become a priority and something I work on on a daily basis. I’ve looked at various strategies to make this happen – the ideas from the Me, Myself & I box were great (and something I’m still using), but I’ve also used apps (Calm and Welzen for example), and more recently, I’ve looked for inspiration from someone who takes self-care seriously and has managed to create daily habits around it.

So when I came across the Lucy Locket Loves Mindset Workbook, I knew I had to take a look and see how it could help me with my self-care goals.

Who is Lucy Locket?

Lucy is a Sheffield-based personal trainer, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition coach. You can find Lucy and her inspirational weight loss story over at Lucy Locket Loves.

What is the Mindset Workbook?

Although Lucy’s focus may be on nutrition and fitness, the workbook can really be used for any personal or lifestyle goal you may have.

At the end of the day, you need a strong mindset to change your existing habits or to create new ones, whatever they might be.

Lucy’s workbook is a 13-page PDF with some very practical tips that will effectively help you to determine what your priorities and goals are and give you a system to work towards achieving them.

In the workbook you can find information, quick ideas, inspiration and useful exercises to help you with your mindset and motivation.

Mindset and motivation

It’s no secret that going after something we want (whether it’s losing weight for a particular occasion or meditating daily) takes practice, effort, self-discipline and perseverance.

We do want these things for ourselves, but sometimes we just stop going after them because we don’t know how to get there or because they seem too hard to achieve. Often we don’t even realise that they are totally within our reach, but perhaps we didn’t have a plan or life got in the way, and we just lost sight of the end goal.

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll know it can be really demoralising.

Which is why through this workbook Lucy invites you to complete an exercise listing the things you want vs the things you are dissatisfied about and want to change.

Lucy says: “Change stems from dissatisfaction”, so listing the things that we no longer want or like can help us to find the motivation to take action and work towards the things that we do want and like.”

A very interesting point that Lucy makes is that 90% of our behaviours are driven by the subconscious mind, so if you make a point of thinking about your ‘future state’, even using imagination and visualisations to ‘see it’ in your mind, you create an impression on your subconscious mind to help the behaviours become more automatic.

It sounds great, right? I’m most definitely trying this one.

Mindset habits

Other things that Lucy suggests that you try to build and strengthen your mindset to be more receptive to change are:

  • celebrating your wins, however small they might be;
  • breaking goals down into smaller milestones;
  • being consistent;
  • use affirmations as a way to counteract negative thoughts.

The practice of mindfulness can be of great help here, in assisting you to identify any negative self-talk going on in your mind. You can then decide to turn this around and make any negative points into daily affirmations.

Where can you find the Mindset Workbook? 

If you want to find out more about Lucy’s Mindset Workbook or are interested in getting a copy you can find one here. When you click on ‘make payment’ you can enter the code MINDYOURMAMMA and get your copy of the Mindset Workbook for £4.99 instead of £9.99.

*We were provided a free copy of the Lucy Locket Loves Mindset Workbook, but all the ideas expressed in this post are my own. 

Do you have any tips or suggestions to help create new, lasting habits? Please let us know in the comments! 



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